Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders

Pat Todd - Gesang, Akustische Gitarre
Nick Alexander - Gitarre, Mandoline, Gesang
Kevin Keller - Gitarre, Gesang
Rick Johnson - Bass, Vocals
Bob Deagle - Schlagzeug
"…There's Pretty Things In Palookaville…" Hound Gawd!, 2021
"The Past Came Callin'" Hound Gawd!, 2019
"Blood & Treasure" Hound Gawd!, 2016
"14th & Nowhere…" Rankoutsiders, 2013
"Holdin' Onto Trouble's Hand" Rankoutsiders, 2008
"Outskirts Of Your Heart" Rankoutsiders, 2007
"Took A Wrong Turn" Wild Honey, 2018
"Known Ta Stumble" Ghost Highway/Beluga/KOTJ, 2017
"Cos, I'm Bound Ta Lose" Ghost Highway, 2013
"14th & Nowhere…" Rankoutsiders, 2013
"Don't Worry, Bout Me Baby" Cutthroat, 2009
"Frustration, Tragedy & Lies" Rankoutsiders, 2009