The Candy Snatchers

Larry May - vocals
Matthew Odietus - guitars
Willy Johns - bass
Sergio Ponce - drums
"Moronic Pleasures" Hound Gawd!, 2019
"Down At Delilah's" Drug Front, 2010
"Color Me Blood Red (Live And More…)" Black Lung, 2000
"Human Zoo!" Go-Kart, 1998
"The Candy Snatchers" Safe House, 1996
"Doin' Time" Zodiac Killer, 2008
"Takin' A Ride" Coldfront, 2001
"Run You Down" Black Lung, 2001
"Survival Of The Fittest" Coldfront, 2000
"Ugly On The Inside" Get Hip, 1999
"Shut Your Mouth" Junk, 1998
"30 Grams To Life" Safety Pin, 1998
"Moronic Pleasures" Black Lung, 1998
"Picture My Face" Fandango, 1998
"Bum" Solamente, 1998
"Dead" Centsless, 1997
"Dead" Frisbee, 1996
"Bum Me Out" American Punk, 1996
"Live On A Five" Headache, 1996
"She Goes Down" Bowling Donuts, 1995
"Do Me A Favor And Die" Black Lung, 1995
"Lolita" Stiff Pole, 1994
"Fuck My Family" Ultra Under, 1994
"Gold Digger" Sounds Like Shit, 1993
"Pinto Pony" Sounds Like Shit, 1993