The Morlocks

Leighton Koizumi - Gesang, Percussion, Mundharmonika
Marcello Salis - Gitarre, Gesang
Bernadette - Gitarre
Oliver Pilsner - Bass, Gesang, Akustische Gitarre
Rob Louwers - Schlagzeug
"Bring On The Mesmeric Condition" Hound Gawd!, 2018
"The Morlocks Play Chess" Fargo, 2010
"Easy Listening For The Underachiever" Olde Haat, 2006
"Uglier Than You'll Ever Be!" Voxx, 1997
"Wake Me When I'm Dead" Slušaj Najglasnije!, 1991
"Submerged Alive" Epitaph, 1987
"Emerge" Midnight, 1985
"The Morlocks" Area Pirata, 2016
"I Don't Do Funerals Anymore" Dirty Water, 2008
"Under The Wheel" In The Red, 1990
"She's My Fix" Earache, 1989