Girls In Synthesis

John Linger - vocals, bass
Jim Cubitt - vocals, guitar
Nicole Pinto - drums, backing vocals
"The Rest Is Distraction" Own It Music, 2022
"Now Here's An Echo From Your Future" Harbinger Sound, 2020
"Die Leere" Hound Gawd!, 2023
"Konsumrausch" Hound Gawd!, 2022
"Shift In State" Harbinger Sound, 2021
"Watch With Mother" Own It Music, 2022
"Pressure" Own It Music, 2019
"Arterial Movements" X-Mist Records/In A Car, 2019
"Fan The Flames" Blank Editions/Own It Music, 2018
"We Might Not Make Tomorrow" Blank Editions/Own It Music, 2018
"Suburban Hell" Blank Editions/Own It Music, 2017
"The Mound/Disappear" Own It Music, 2017