Blind Marky Felchtone - vocals; guitar
Donny Paycheck - drums
Jason Freeman - guitar
Jeff Hiatt - bass
"Hellbender" Relapse, 2018
"Devil's Island" Lonestar, 2004
"'Til The Livin' End" Relapse, 2004
"Live And Uncensored" Dead Teenager, 2003
"Death Alley" Tee Pee, 2001
"Dirty Sanchez" Epitaph, 2000
"Pinstriping The Dutchman's Coffin" Wrecking Ball, 1999
"True Crime" Dropkick, 1999
"Kicked In The Teeth" Epitaph, 1998
"Flat Tracker" Scooch Pooch, 1996
"Super Sound Racing" IFA, 1994
"All The Way" Portnow Intertainment, 2018
"Give It Up" Antiseen Split single; Digital Warfare, 2011
"Zeke and Peter Pan Speedrock" Split single; Bitzcore, 2005
"Zeke And Disfear" Split single; Relapse, 2005
"Tour 7 Inch" Relapse, 2005
"Zeke And Supersuckers" Split single; Mid-Fi, 2004
"Dölphenwülf" Relapse, 2004
"Main Line" Sessions, 2001
"Season Of The Witch" Safety Pin, 2001
"Evil Woman" Hard-On, 2001
"Jack Torrance" Sub Pop, 2000
"Rock & Roll Catastrophe" Black Lung, 2000
"Zeke And Sobut" Split single; Dea, 1999
"Love Gun" Collective Fruit, 1997
"Woo Pig Souie" Man's Ruin, 1997
"Dilaudid" Scooch Pooch, 1996
"S/W/P/R" Junk, 1996
"Chiva Knieval" Scooch Pooch, 1996
"Holley 750" IFA, 1994
"Fight In The Storeroom" Rat City, 1994
"West Seattle Acid Party" Wrecking Ball, 1993