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The Raymen – Death's Black Train EP – Toedlein Edition

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The Raymen - Death's Black Train (Toedlein Edition)

The «Toedlein Edition» comes in a handprinted, 19.40 oz, 3-color silk screened sleeve. Limited of only 25 copies on black vinyl. You can order this version only at Hound Gawd! Records.

You can pull the Raymen logo up and open the sleeve to the top. Closing the sleeve is done most easily when you put it over the «Toedlein», which was made by german artist Steffen Lenk.

The «Toedlein» is a medieval Vanitas Symbol and represents the impermanence of all terrestrial and transitory. It was worn for memorials for the dead. The skull was made of buffallo horn, the coffin made of wood and different textiles. The Toedlein has gotten its special patina by painting with ashes.

Limit 1 per order, if you order more than 1, we will send 1 and keep the extra dough.

  • Release Date: December 6, 2012
  • Format: 12" Vinyl
  • Release ID: HGR-001


  • Hank Ray – vocals
  • Tex Napalm – guitars
  • T-Base – bass
  • Tommy Favorite – drums

Additional overdubs by Napalm & Favorite

All selections – words & music by Hank «Holy Roller» Ray. Arrangements by The Raymen

Recorded at Deadroom No. 9 and El Bruto Laboratories, May 13 -16/2010
Recorded, mixed and produced by Tex Napalm & Tommy Favorite for Holy Roller Productions
Mastering by Tommy Favorite, January 2012


Side One
1. Flame On Famous Flame – 2:26
2. Living In The City Of The Living Dead – 2:52
3. Weird Generation – 3:17

Side Two
1. When Death's Black Train Is Coming Down (EP Mix) – 2:51
2. Long Tall Shadow With Fire Eyes – 4:55